#SMWLagos: My Morning Free Ride

It was a beautiful morning and the super Ben is waiting outside the hotel in all his glory to pick me. Waoh! Ben! Big man for Lagos wey dem dey prepare for governor dey wait me for downstairs. Chai! I don make am for Lagos.


I rushed through my discussion with the receptionist and jumped into the car. Wait, was that a car or a celestial machine I feel the AC from 10 metres away and the machine no dey make noise.

I said my greetings to the “made men” in the car and I sat down gently. I was not going to talk. How could Ben bring two guys in the back seat and not the beautiful queen I sat with on Tuesday? I dey form vex and I was super angry.


BRILA's HardTackle was on and it seems like Ben is a big fan. At least, I joined the conversation on Tuesday but not today. My anger would prevent me from joining the discussion. By the way, I never liked it. Too much noise and no real point was made on the Tuesday (Well, I lied! I enjoyed every bit of it; the rage, passion and shout too). Though the programme made more sense when the Ifeanyi Udeze's segment came on. It was a beautiful time into the past, football wise. That's by the way; HardTackle or not, I'm not going to talk to these guys.


Just before I could say Jack, someone mentioned something about the forthcoming election and I knew that was the real deal. I am yet to learn how to keep my mouth shut when people talk about politics, Nigeria, Development work, FGM, leadership and writing.


We joked about how the system stifles your efforts, how Nigeria is built to kill Nigerians and why we can't afford not to participate in the whole process. From jokes, banter to serious discussion


I was going to be that guy that encourages everyone and I said 'well, to get Nigeria to where we want, we can't get angry after 4 years, it's going to be a long process'. My new friend interjected and said 'it's not a long process and all that we need is a gun'.


I wasn't shocked; I have heard people moot this as the solution to our problems. But unlike before, I'm willing to hear how this is the solution.

However, before I jettison my own proposal, I explained briefly and was ready to listen to this new solution. We never can tell; I might want to buy into it. (Na where I fuck up be this).

He was clearly eager to show me the solution he has but after he had shown that he had a preconceived idea of my leaning. He said I am inclined to western doctrines and I will love processes so much that Nigeria won’t get to where it needs to be. From one point to another, I was holding my breath so I wouldn’t fault his thought process but genuinely hear him out.


I was itching, I wanted to say so many things but I had promised to allow him own the floor. Oh! It had turned into our own HardTackle – the only thing we didn’t do was shout at one another.

In his argument, he mentioned countries where they killed corrupt people and the country rose to prominence. I was worried again and I asked if he could give a suggestion of numbers of people to be killed from all parts of the country.


He said the “process” would take care of itself. I quickly reminded him of the first coup and how it was declared an ethnic coup because a part of country lost more “men” to it than another.


This discussion was becoming awesome; I was in my realm, enjoying the ambience and loving the reactions from the 3 other young men in the car. Ben was laughing too hard (I had to beg to ignore us and just focus on his primary job that morning. Dem no know for house say I dey Lagos, abeg).


I looked up for a moment and I realised we were already at our bus stop; I was pained and I told Ben I will continue the journey with them but unfortunately, my friend is coming off the car too.


It was a nice ride and one thing was obvious, regardless of our methods, the only thing we wanted to see is a country that works and works right. We both agreed that the first coup was needless and that Nigeria must get better.

It was a beautiful ride; a blissful one with a passionate Ibo man and a cute Hausa man. Nobody was scared of another. We conversed like we were brothers from way back.

God bless my new friends, God bless Nigeria!


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