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Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, or moral uprightness according to the dictionary.


Let's take a ride on a short story;


In a class of about 50 Student a boy name Adekanmi was elected to head his class as the class captain. He was loved by his class mates and teachers for his team and leadership spirit.


So there comes a day, Adekanmi was asked for the name of noise makers, so he penned down their names, when the teacher came back to the class, he requested for the list of noise makers, and Adekanmi handed it over to their teacher.


The teacher started calling out their names so he could spank them, as he was calling he called Adekanmi name out. And he was wondering why he wrote down his names down also since he was the writer. Then Adekanmi responded "I was also making noise" the teacher was shocked.


So he pardoned all the noise makers because Adekanmi was honest putting down his name down. The teacher could not recover from the shock. He later sent for Adekanmi, a primary 5 Student and a 10 year old boy to see him at his office.


Adekanmi went to see his teacher at the office, they both sat opposite to one another. His teacher said how come you are so honest and I’ve been watching you from afar since until he really saw what integrity is all about today.


And he asked the 10 year old boy, "how can I be faithful to my wife because she has been faithful to him but I don't reciprocate." Adekanmi couldn’t comprehend well but gave a certain response, "just do what is always right as long you can differentiate between wrongs and right."


The teacher hugged him with heavy heart and thanked him.


Accordingly to the story, Adekanmi restored his teacher's home.


Integrity is very important if you want to stay long on earth without depression.



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