byOgundoyin Adewale

Grown Up  



Now your demeanor is calm

Those repartee don’t get to you anymore


Now you are proud of that maiden name

You wonder why you get mad when you were called by it


Now your wear a boxer a day

No more stinking underclothing, Jesus!!!


Now you enjoy cooking

Else hunger takes you on a journey, or Mama Put takes all the money


Now no more imaginary monsters under the bed, when the light is off

You now realize there are rather real life monsters.


Now you are saving money

The Honorable drains your purse no more, even Amaka is now disappointed


Now you pay your rent

You have finally said your bye byes to Daddy and Mummy


Now you’re making changes that leads to fulfilment

Gone are the days when you’re incapable of assessing your own life


Now integrity is your watch word

You give your word, and come heaven and earth, you fulfil those promises


Now you set achievable goals

Specific, Measurable, attainable, relevant and time based



Now your relationships are meaningful and balanced

No more shaku skaku associations


Now you value communication

Witless rage, like one whose head got hit by a stick has gone far away


Now you esteem God and His ways

You finally divorced the devil and his works now

Now you place needs over wants

Scale of preference is your thing now


Now you are grown up

Childish ways you have put behind





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