19 for the men of tots

In places beyond reach

Doing the extra

Lower than the ordinary

Or a little stranger than tha’


19 for the men

With unique survival skills

Maiming others

To stay afloat


19 for them men

From hinterlands

Flexing on the coastlines

Moving seamlessly

Without worries


19 for the men

Building boulevards in the bushes

Laying claim to sainthood

With robes tainted with platelets


19 for the men

From Ile Oluji to Ondo

To Ilesha through Efon

For their unmatched con-ways


19 for the men

Who have turned their village tricks

To skills in the cities

Moving mountain seamlessly


19 for the men

Shadowing in the dark

Lost in the light


19 for the main men

Who stay true to sef’

For 2019 is the year to rise


19 for the men and women

Who have toiled the papers with their pens

Blessing it with their thoughts

Through the flow of their inks


19 of #30DaysWritingChallenge

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