byFaith Ajayi

Don’t Give Up

While I was working in the kitchen, I didn't turn off the tap properly so it was dripping. I decided to place a cup beneath it. After a while, I had a full cup of water. From a drop here, a drop there, I got a full cup of water.


Success is sometimes like that. A little here, a little there, you get close to your goals. Do you see the cup as half full or half empty? You might not be where you want to be but remember you're a work in progress. Keep pushing consistently. Great things take time. Nothing good comes easy.

It takes years for the oak to become a giant tree and fungi, just a matter of days.


The only tree that grew in a day died the same day. Ask Jonah.

You don't have to rush the process. Rather than see the glass as half empty see it as half full. God is building something that will last. Don't rush through the process. Don't even think of cutting corners.


Be patient, be persistent, and keep pushing. The process might look so slow but remember slow and steady wins the race. There will be times when you will fail, tell me a great man who hasn't.


Just as I was able to get a cup of water from those little drops, your hard work will pay off very soon. Don't give up.



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