Hello SMWLagos

So, it was my first trip to Lagos in 2019 and I was half excited and ‘half unexcited’. It made complete sense that I didn’t have the usual buzz for my trips. The half excitement was due to the fact that my week will be packed with braining sharpening “stops” and many cognitive activities. Till the ‘time of going to the press’, I honestly don’t know why I was ‘half unexcited’.


My lack of excitement was further fuelled by the boring sight of long traffic that welcomed me into Ambode’s abode. I was furious; my butts were aching already. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know how I spent 7 hours from Ado Ekiti to Lagos. Then came the heaps of dirt that littered everywhere. Abeg, nothing like cleaner Lagos. Beyond proper waste disposal, I think Lagos government should find a way to recycle waste and encourage young individuals doing their bits in this regard.


And in the early hours of Monday, my first task was to find my way to the Landmark Event Centre from somewhere in Mile 2. What? I never knew what was in stock for me. Would I have made it without that complimentary Taxify ride from Awopetu Anthonia? It was great. The driver was super nice, courteous and a complete Omoluabi. Apparently, in the filth of Lagos lies beauties and it can’t be taken away.


At the registration point for Social Media Week Lagos, I saw a reminder of Lagos’ craze and it jolted me out of my dream. This man in front of me (on the queue) knew that he didn’t register for the event yet he wanted all the “juices”. I didn’t blame him; might have worked for him before because he was cocky about get everything.


This is Lagos, Lekki for that matter. This is my abroad for now and I must comport myself before somebody calls me to SanwoEko and I don’t have the required amount on me. I would risk deportation, isn’t it? I also reminded myself that nobody knows me in Lagos so I should be very careful. The thought was still forming when I heard some call out to me. It can’t be my Sarumi!!! Who knows my mother in Lagos??? You should read that in Yoruba. Well, that was Borokini – the amazing statistician from EKSU. He showed me to his colleagues at the UBA stand and they all laughed. I am sure he didn’t sell me because I typed this as a free man. I will tell you about other EKSUITES making waves across board that I met at the event (surely, not today).


And it was time for the last event of the first day, the networking and the orisirisi night. It was meant for networking, drinking (GULDER brought enough for everyone), eating small chops and collecting number. Poor me, I was in one corner typing this. I hope my employer won’t read this because “increased network” is part of the deliverables for this outing.

Whatever happens after this, #SMWLagos started well and it is going to be beautiful. I deliberately left out the nostalgia I felt when I walked into my room at Travel House Hotel. I don’t want to cry, na why be that.


This is me saying Hello from #SMWLagos

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