Doing it All...finding the balance

It is not uncommon to have many things that interest you when it comes to your career and other areas of life. It is one of the burdens of adulthood, I believe, and it must be attended to. Else, it might derail the entire plan for one’s adult life.

For the past 3 years, I have worked with a very close unit of people who have interest in many things yet find a way to put their energies into a particular project.

After one of our team bonding meetings, we took a road trip and on our way back to base, a discussion ensued. We needed to know why we are dedicated to our cause and why we do it. In the middle of that, I gave a response that touched on the many areas we are all involved, separately.

Almost a year later, I still have to explain to people, again and again, that you can be a (wo)man of many parts without losing yourself.

In my own case, I love politics a lot and I am not talking about Facebook politics, I am talking about getting involved in the action. The whole planning and execution of activities that sum up the whole political process. The community level engagements, the travels and the persuasion and the hope that you’d be able to use the office to better the lot of your people.

So it’s for my development work path. I find it interesting, humane and worthy of my best efforts. Like politics, it helps me to connect with people and their different realities. It pushes me to want more for the people. I also love the community level engagement and activities around it. It is a sure way, aside politics, that I believe we can change the tales of the people for good.

Earlier in my life, I had a thing for computer and its packages but I am a naturally lazy young man. I loved computer applications that makes life easier than we can see. I once told my father that Yoruba proverbs contributed to lack of innovation in the Yoruba nation. For example, the Yoruba would say ‘owo e ni kin tani je’. It loosely translates as ‘your hands can’t deceive you’. Who would think of making a spoon to ease the stress of eating when you have been raised to trust your hand?

All the 3 major areas that I am interested in have the ability to quicken the change we desire. We can create an Eldorado if we find the right balance and mix for the three.

In all of these, I love majorly, as my mother taught me, to write and train. I also like to help put things in order. I love handling logistics for events when I am not the one overseeing the whole execution. I like to write more than I talk. The love for this made it easier to train as a project manager and digital strategist.

In the midst of all these, my only life desire is to help create a system based on values and genuine kindness that will give unshakeable trust in humanity. When I take up any cause, it has never been about money or what I get in return, it has always been about how to make the system/situation better. This is a topic for another day.

My motivation in this entangled web of interest is the desire to help improve the quality of life and standard of living of the people. If you ask me, I will tell you that it is not a one man thing. The civil societies need the government, the government needs the new discoveries to make advancement in the solutions they bring to the people. It is a big circle where everyone is interconnected.

In the middle of my talent (and skill sets) and the sectors that give me unlimited joy, I have many other little things. I love talking about leadership and communications generally.  I love to help brands curate their messages and make it understandable to their audience without leaving anyone out.

At the centre of my love for politics (public policy and governance), development work (project management) and technology (business development and PR management), I realised that the Sustainable Development Goals have found a way to make my life easier than expected. One of the Global Goals is Partners for the Goals and all the three core areas that I have found myself can be used in collaborative efforts to ensure that we improve on the 3 essential Ps.

Since this realisation, it has become very easy for me to work in these 3 different but related spaces without compromising one. I have become more efficient as I focus on the strengths of all and I improve on my weaknesses. I have also learned how to manage them without losing sight of any.

Through delegation, proper planning and clear cut description of roles, I have become productive on all fronts and deliver well on my targets.

This is not all rosy. Sometimes, people really want to know what you do and there’s no easy way to summarily say these things. Many other times, when you have setback on a project, a client would think it is because you left their job for something else. The days when you have a clash in schedule can only be left to imagination.

But at the end of it all, be at the centre of it and ensure that it’s collaborative before bringing them all together.

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