byEmmanuel Ogunmona


A warrior from the days of her youth

Crystalized in the art of war

Countless battle has she won

Till Peace took the scepter


Her weapons and armours, she hung in the armoury

There, the memory of war lingers

She shut the door behind her

Hoping to find a new beginning


The injuries she survived from battles

Are scars she embraced as tattoos

To remind her she isn't just a warrior

But also a survivor


35 years down the line

The grave beckoned on her to join the line

However, she feared dying like an ordinary man

Her warring spirit desperately searching for a better challenge


Till she met Death's emissary

An ultimate challenger, worthy to confront

Fierce as a lion, swift like an eagle

With fire blazing sword, he called out for her


The fragments of war flourished her mind

As she stepped once more into her armoury

Suited up in her war regalia, she approached the enemy

With her eyes closed, she breathed in the lost memories of the battlefield


Great shout shook the earth as the battle began

Soon, she was knocked down and brutally stricken

Yet, her sword remained fastened to her hand

When asked to surrender, she laughed

Knowing her wish is being fulfilled

"To fall by the sword of a worthy opponent"




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