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THE 4TH KAW OF KARMA - The Law of Growth

"By changing ourselves, we change our lives."


This law states “wherever you go, there you are.” At first glance, this law might look odd to you except you take your time to reflect on it.


Most people believe if they change locations, friends, jobs and many others things will also change for them within. Especially those that relocated to other countries in search of happiness and greener pastures. But it is so unfortunate that they won't get any if there is no shift in their mindset.


Your change of locations, jobs etc. won't matter if you don't change your thinking first, If you don't embrace newness and repent from fixed mindset.


You have the ability, power to control you and you alone. To change everything that needs to be change in your life. When you change your thinking your life will automatically change.


One thing that will never change is wherever you go, there you are.


Stop searching for happiness you can't find inside of you, stop focusing on people for your measurement. All what you need in life is within you, search for it within you and let it reflect outside.


When you change feelings, thinking, doings, you have changed your life.

There is no miracle If you're not ready within.

There will not be transition If you don't do the necessary adjustment by yourself.




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