byAdeola Olayemi


The doctor asked if he was suffering from any illness, you shook your head without hesitation. You looked at the doctor's face briefly, you saw him and the nurse whispered words to each other. As expected, it was related to your husband.


You had rushed him to the hospital an hour earlier, with a knife in his stomach, and a scar on his face. You were panting, with your heartbeat giving a rhythm to the raindrop. An argument had ensued that morning, you accused him of extramarital affairs, in a bit to defend yourself, you stabbed him. His case was so bad: he looked so unkempt; his skin said so much about his health - pale, with rashes and few scars.


He needed a pint of blood as soon as possible, hence you were asked to undergo a blood investigation for compatibility. You refused, with your religious and family rites as excuses. Though the doctor explained he could cover up the wound and hope for his quick recovery, he needed blood transfusion due to his present condition.


You, the doctor, the nurse, and your husband, in the tiny ward, meant for emergencies. The wound had been covered, the nurse persuaded you to go for the blood compatibility test, you muttered words and wished the nurse could quit been a manipulator. The doctor asked the question, "are you sure this man is not suffering from any illness?" you shook your head again. Then the nurse helped in rephrasing the question, "Do you know if he uses any medicine in the morning and night?"

You watched the nurse lips move, you shook your head and answered a sharp no.


Two hours later, your husband regained consciousness; he opened his eyes to you staring at him. He closed his eyes and feigned a deep sleep. Your eyes were teary, your lips were dry, you lifted your hands to wipe those tears, and felt the pain of the bruises you have around your eyes. He had beaten you to stupor when he brought his mistress home a week ago.


The nurse was informed about your husband's consciousness, she asked you to excuse her from the ward, you walked out of the ward and stood close to the door. You heard the nurse ask about his health, if he feels pain and what happened to him. You moved closer to eaves drop the words they both exchanged, but you could not hear anything. It was obvious the nurse did not want you to hear her discussion with your husband.


A few minutes later, the nurse walked out of the ward, picked a file and asked him to fill his data. He was discharged two days later and was advised to visit the hospital every two weeks for a checkup. On your way home, your hands on the wheel, and your husband's eyes closed. You both have not talked since his admission, your kids will be happy to see their father after being on a long vacation for weeks.


The drive home seemed to be the longest journey you have embarked on in your life, your kids welcomed you, your last daughter Rita who is 3years old, wanted to kiss her dad. Your husband spanked her for been disrespectful, "You should kneel down to greet adults". You prepared dinner that night; your husband did not eat. He had cereals and went to bed too early. 


You had your family devotion without your husband that night, you told your kids daddy needs to rest. You walked them to the room, returned to the sitting room and cried. You wished your husband could retrace his steps. You wished he was ready to talk about it. Although you intend staying married to him until death shows up, despite his attitude.


You slept on the sofa that night and prayed for the ability to forgive. You woke up with pains around your neck, it was 6'o clock in the morning, your husband should be awake on a good day. You walked into the room to wake him, where he was lying with no life and a letter asking you to forgive him for infecting you with HIV.






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