byFasusi Ayobami

I miss my ex…

I know it sounds wrong but I'm not ashamed to say it but I miss my ex!!!

I coined a special name for him, 'Partner'.

People called me silly.

'How sure are you that you guys are gonna last?' They questioned.

I didn't care anyway.

My happiness was all that mattered, people's opinion meant shit.


I got us matching outfits.

I held you everywhere, even in church.

People called me obsessed.

You were the centre of my world.

Together, we made a fabulous pair.

I gave you access to my deepest secrets.

You had my nude.

I had unflinching trust in you!

You made me laugh out loud whenever I'm with you.

'She's crazy' they said.

We were the talk of the Town.


Then you started acting up...

My touch became an abomination to you.

You would heat up for no reason and black out when I needed you the most.

I was infuriated.

You pushed me to the wall.

I remember slapping you on several occasions, even in public.

I regret it now.

You know it's funny how I became abusive to someone I once loved.

We had to part ways for peace to reign

I moved on, so did you.


I'm happy now and I guess you are, wherever you may be.

Tonight, I'm sitting in my favorite spot and reminiscing about those special moments we shared- the Hangouts, the pillow talk, the romance! Gosh! My hands never left your sleek body!

You were my bestie, lover and roommate altogether!

I miss my ex... Badly.

My ex.....Phone.

I've moved on now, I'm with Tecno.

I hope we last too.


*Sips palmwine*



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