by  Fasusi Ayobami

Buhari’s Fault

Normal Tfare: #150

(Rain falls)

Tfare: #250

They blame it on Buhari.


Caterer kills a cow for wedding of 100 guests.

After serving 50 guests, meat will finish.

Buhari ate the remaining meat.


A trainer gets a contract to empower certain youths. After payment, he/she uses substandard materials to execute the program and embezzles the remaining funds.

Buhari, why are you like this???


A Nigerian abroad works 4 shifts a day, saves a huge sum and sends to his family in Nigeria to erect a building for him…

He visits home by December and meets a Toy house😭😭.

Buhari, this is not fair o.


Husband drops #5000 so that wife can make a decent soup.

Wife makes her hair, buys Mara and Clara season 1-5 and prepared concoction stew with the remaining money.

Buhari must have advised that woman!


You spread clothes on the line in the morning and before you come back from work in the evening, the clothes vanished but they left your singlet and boxers for you.

Bubu, I sight you!



This change we seek, how can we even find it??


When conductor is boldly claiming that he has returned your change when he has not?


When you cannot walk the street at night without looking over your shoulders?


When children are no longer safe with pedophiles lurking everywhere?


When we cannot do a selfless charitable service to humanity without asking "what's in it for me?'


This change we so seek lies in:

*The truth we refused to tell.

*The excess change we refused to return.

*The conspiracy & backbiting we refused to quit.

*The dirty politics in every nook and cranny of this country that we refused to end.


The change is still somewhere.... FORGOTTEN.

'A ti ni problem'



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