by  Olabode Abidakun

Before the Challenge!

 Before the challenge, I was skeptical; I had never done this long challenge of writing. Every detailed article and poem, I wanted it to be near perfect and do my best, I started growing in confidence; if others can contest for this challenge, then, why can't I?

During the challenge, there were lots of challenges combining my day to day activities amidst the commercial city's heavy traffic congestion to making sure I gave the necessary punctuations and editing, I started to grow weary, and would I survive or blank out? Would I start well and eventually fizzle out?

And guess what? I fired on, I didn't care about topping the challenge, I just wanted to see other writers do well, learn from them and grow better.

Sometimes, I thought of improving my diction with hard words to crack, words that will make you visit the Queen's book every now and then, not that I couldn't, but for sure I won't be communicating if I did that. Another moment, I felt my communication wasn't showing my profession because I was writing in stark simple raw words.

I however came into conclusion that taking a balance of both parties of collection is germane, and the most important thing is to convey messages not to show off your prowess of the language.

As the challenge draws to its end, it has really helped me utilize my mother tongue skills as I have been able to pen down more poems in Yorùbá than I thought, I love to dive into challenges even when I don't have the solutions at hand or when I'm not ready for It.

Of course, challenges prepare us for the battles ahead, #30DaysWritingChallenge has been helpful and I hope our tradition of reading and writing can improve massively someday so writers can at least be glorified and given the respect they deserve rather than praising the nitwits that deserve nothing but rebuke!

Yes sometimes I knew I wasn't at my best in some articles probably due to timeframe, workloads and pressure to deliver from all fronts! I observed all writers, and I duly praise them for their artistry, some works in series made me marvel, I doubted some and I truly duff my hats for you all, you all are the most valuable writers here!

Just a little to chip in, let's not get discouraged by our low reading tradition in this niche we have found ourselves, our works will travel more than we think, someday, somehow, it will! Just keep compiling and your reward beckons!



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