byOlabode Abidakun

Eyes can Deceive 

I've gone to many places,

I've seen many faces,

But tonight I was stunned by the creation I saw.

She really cut my liver, with a rickshaw!

Gorgeous and elegant, I couldn't relate who she was.

The black hair permed nicely even shone under the multicolor disco lights,

The well styled gown booted out her boobs and curves!

I thought we were in the seventh heaven where wonders made wanderers ponder!


She walked in like the already awarded winner of a beauty pageant, so much confidence she had, that everybody couldn't resist taking a look at her and her 8.

When she brushed by me, her cologne was rare, never perceived that before... She had gone few meters and still could feel her presence, is she a mermaid? When did the mermaids flood the town? Are mermaids now chocolate in color? Lot of questions rummaged my thoughts as I tried to conjure my now withered courage to go have a conversation with this dream girl!

There is no denial that I was completely impressed and flawed by her appearance, I eventually cupped my cowardice and walked up to her, she was sitting opposite the bartender now, taking few shots, that elated me because the spirit has been elevated and will thus trigger the rapport to a new and higher level.


'Hello Gorgeous Princess, would you mind if I pour out my heart into your shot, so you can take turns in gulping my thoughts, shots for shots?' I started that way by shooting my shot, I still wished I never did that till today, she smiled back and didn't reply, Little did I know I was already igniting my fire, she was smiling but obviously uncomfortable, I could not observe that I wasn't welcomed, all I thought was that my expression was undone and not arranged. I repackaged myself, re-branded my thoughts in my head before clicking my reboot button, "how is the night going? Do you mind if I buy you few more drinks?, the night is long and I will really want to interact with you Pretty lady!', as if I was expecting the unexpected, what erupted next was a blockbuster, the oozing odor came from nowhere but her mouth, it felt like some rotten eggs had been deposited in both cheeks for 10days, as if that wasn't enough, she was exasperated by my expressions and she spoke in annoyance blaring under the loud music, "Buoda, sé ẹ̀ fẹ̀ s'oríibú?" she continued further in her typical south western dialect; kílódé tẹ fí ń nimí láaa? I was grateful to God that the embarrassment didn't escalate and it was between the bartender and I.

I was dumbfounded and disgusted at how the environment had changed so so fast, the odor from her mouth had made me feel nausea, and now her combusting speech made me leave in utter disbelief.

Who would believe that such a pretty damsel that was dressed to kill and well-arranged couldn't even communicate, worst of it all was her hygiene, I wonder how the temple will really ooze like, would it be aroma or odour? That's left for another man to check and balance!

Sometimes not all perfectly arranged figure 8 is good for the soul brethren; some might just be a chameleon



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