byJide Kol

Your Integrity shall be Tested.

We all fail the test daily, such a lousy statement to dish I know.


But then again, who has integrity?


The man that has never taken or given bribe, the one that has never jumped a queue, that one that has never broken a law or that one that has never cheated his way through a seemingly impossible situation tabi that one that doesn’t know anyone that has done or is doing any of the above?


It becomes difficult because of our criminal silence; we become guilty because we know each other. To fail the integrity test is to be silent, to say nothing and do nothing when we meet cyber scammers, when we meet bribe seeking public servants, when we meet dirty lecturers, to play along when we meet desperate traders.



Our silence made us collaborators, you just have to mind your business long enough to fail your own test, soon it’ll be vivid enough to subdue your subconscious. Ask revolutionary politicians, let them tell you how they came into the field and where they are now.



Ask yourself, where you were when you started the race for integrity, how much tests you have failed, how much compromises you have reached, how the system has enforced your silence, a life of integrity is a life in danger.



There are over 200 million people in Nigeria, raise a glass if you are not a scammer, a cheat, a rapist, a fraudster and so on, please drop your glass if you know any of them and you’ve said or done nothing about it. Never mind, I didn’t raise my glass in the first place, soon you’ll meet your test and most likely you’ll fail.



This is not to condemn anyone but to celebrate men and women of integrity, if you are certain of your integrity and can flaunt it before everyone you know, feel free to share this post but if not, please like and keep minding your business as usual.


One day when you face the integrity test; a queue you have to jump, a side you have to take, a ‘calm’ you have to keep, a road you have to thread or a split decision you have to make, please remember this article and say to yourself JIDE KOL said I might fail the test.



Speak up, even if it’s your cousin, childhood friend, brother’s son or a dear sister, that’s the first test of integrity.


Integrity is endangered, we are all in danger, breathe!


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