byEmmanuel Ogunmona

Broken Kingdom 

A thunderous silence echoes the land

Parched throats, weak hands, and loosed band;

Drooling knees with aching heart

Waiting for the spirit to depart


A short time ago

This was a place called home

Occupied by people of different colour and languages

The children race themselves to the streams

The husbands never defer their evening games after work

Well accompanied with fresh palm wine and witty talks


The wives cook their husband’s favourite meal

Children gather to hear tales by the moonlight

The women entertained their guests with gladness of heart

Being married as a virgin is highly esteemed

The land prospers and attracted to herself more foreigners


This made her market grow incessantly

Till spies infiltrated unknowingly

Buying the truth in exchange with lies

Hate and Discrimination became their plights

They pointed accusing fingers

Love was silenced, and truth was shoved behind bars

Upon hearing this, peace and security took to their heels


This happened because of a rumour of treasures underneath

That could cater for anything they wanted in life

They mustered the youth, and gave them a share of the lies

They convinced them it’s a fight for their future

The very land they contend for devoured them


The horrific beast finally wears the crown

They waste no time in carrying out his plan

Death and sickness, his loyal servants

Rather than seeds, they planted their neighbour’s bodies

And in their daughters they planted the seeds of shame

Their sons obtained an ignominious name


The wise were silenced while fools assumed positions

The brave who dared to speak lost their heads

Desolation like a wounded lion roams the land

As the subjects’ eyes grow dimmer, so did their hope

Vengeance wind mourns across the land

As it continues to grow weak and dry



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