byOgundoyin Adewale


TO EVERYTHING there is a season, and Time for every matter or purpose under heaven


Everything finds its expression in time. There is a Time to be born and a time to die, a time to sleep and a time to wake. A time to plant and a time to harvest. A time to work, a time to earn. A time to start and a time to end.

2018 is at a close, behold the birth of 2019.


Time waits for no man. Like an arrow it flies, even the speed of light find its expression in time. Every human is in a race of time, ever aspiring to keep up with the most expensive commodity on earth - time. Once your lose time, you are never getting it back, even though you still live in time. It would never be found, never can time be caught, but for the ones who want it so much, it can be created, made exclusively for the ones who so desire it.

In 2019, create time for the important things in your life; family, friends, loved ones


Time heals all wounds they say, although I beg to differ, still time indeed covers the scars and lessen the wounds, though the wound remains. Time gives us strength to carry on with the stability of one who has conquered. Time may not always erase the memory, but it sure gives us the strength to always carry on.

2019 is the year you move on. Forget the past, rewrite the future.

Time matures. Despise not the days of humble beginnings, for in time small will become big, big would become bigger. As long as the earth remains, seed time and harvest time will never cease. Your seed is that baby step; that new skill, that extra effort, that bold step, for when it will germinate, the harvest will be plenteous.

In 2019, just do IT, IT would spring forth. Take that bold step.

Time is precious. Just one thing they say is more precious than time and that is WHO we spend our time with. I say one more thing is more precious, WHAT you spend Time on. The best gift you give to someone or something is your time, because when you give time, you are not getting the time back.

So wisdom says in 2019, choose "the who" and "the what" that gets your time wisely, for a portion of your life never to be gotten back is at stake


Time is free, yet priceless. Time the most expensive currency on earth, you can't own it, yet you can use it. You cannot save it, yet you can spend it. Time begat money, yet money seldom conceive time, so the moral always is- spend your time well.

In 2019 always remember, time is an expensive currency, it requires prudence.


Time reveals. Though lies are hidden and it travels for a thousand years, one day, time will reveal, and truth will catch up. Time will reveal all secrets, for though conspiracies last for a while, in time, vindication will happen, blowing that “wind" that reveals the cloaca of the hen.

2019 is the year that truth will vindicate you from all conspiracies. It is the year to come clean, tell the truth and be free indeed


How time flies, not a bad news at all, for you are the pilot. You set it in motion, directs its course, to arrive at the destination you so desire, all by your actions. Yesterday is gone forever, tomorrow is yet to come, so you have today to make it happen. Set that goal today, apply discipline and see how time will carry you on its wings to arrive at that abode of blessing.

In 2019, set a well thought out and practical New Year resolutions, determine to be disciplined enough to abide by it.

There is one God of Time, Chance and Season.

So I pray to HIM, for me and for you, that time and its two siblings happen for good for us. That in 2019, all of our endeavors garner only the blessings that time borders.

Time bringing all things to work together for good for us all, giving us an expected end. Amen



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