byThirsty Giant

King Kyle 18+

"I am going to kiss you", that was the only warning Kim had before he covered her mouth with his. She has been fantasizing about her boss ever since she started working at King and associates. Kyle, her very tall, very handsome boss was kissing her in his office. This was way better than her fantasy.


It was 7p.m and the office was deserted. He had called her earlier into his office for an impromptu assignment. They had long finished discussing anything official. He was dressed in blue shirt and grey trousers. The two top buttons of his shirt were opened and his tie and suit were missing. The attraction between them was mutual and she had fantasized about him countless times.


She moaned into his mouth opening up for more. He kissed her gently and slowly giving her the opportunity to draw away if she wanted. Instead, she put both arms around his neck and drew him closer. She grinded her hips against his erection, eliciting a groan from him. He tangled his hands in her hair and deepened the kiss. His teeth nibbling at her lips, their tongue in a lover's duel. His other hand wandered to her breast, stroking her through her silk shirt until her nipples pebbled in response.


"If we don't stop right now, I'm going to forget about being a gentleman and take you on my desk", Kyle said when he finally came up for air. Her clit throbbed in response and she wondered how he knew what she was thinking. "That will be putting the desk to good use", she responded. "Are you sure you want this?" he asked. In response, she took of her shirt and stood facing him in her lace bra.


All the blood in his body went South on seeing her ample breasts barely covered by the bra. She ran her tongue over her lips suggestively and took a step towards her boss. She had always wanted this and she was a woman who goes for what she wanted. Besides, they were both single and not seeing anybody at the moment. Kyle grabbed her and led her to the desk. He removed his shirt and stood between her thighs. Her body throbbed in anticipation when she saw the bulge in his pants. He kissed her again, this time taking his time to savour the experience. He unclasped her bra and covered her gorgeous breast with one hand. He pressed her to the desk while fondling and massaging her breast, pulling her nipples to taut points. He trailed kisses down her neck pausing to lightly suck on her jumping pulse. She moaned when she took one of her nipples in his mouth. He twirl it around his tongue before suckling deeply. She arched her back and grabbed his head seeking for more. "Please", she whimpered. She was filled with an ache only he can satisfy. He moved to the other breast and gave it equal attention, sucking and nibbling at her breast. His right hand delved into her panties and he was happy to find her wet and ready. He touched her labia and stroke her swollen bud. He pushed two fingers inside her dripping pussy and she clenched tightly. He teased her mercilessly until she was at the edge, then he withdrew his fingers. She leaned up on her elbow as she watches him get out of his trousers and brief in one fluid motion.


"OH my god" she muttered as she stared at what must be the biggest and most beautiful cock she has ever seen. She grabbed him and kissed his tip, her tongue dashing out to lick the pre-cum on his tip while she massaged his balls. "Keep that up and I will be shooting my load down your throat", he moaned. "I want you now", he growled. He rolled on a condom. He paused to suck on her clit while she thrashed wildly on the desk. He moved up and kissed her again, his tongue thrusting in and out of her mouth a parody of what he wants to do to her. He slammed into her in one fluid thrust and they both moaned.


Wrapping her legs around his hips, she clutched him to herself, tilting her hips to meet his thrusts. He was moving in and out slowly, pulling out to the tip and plunging in till he was fully sheathed in her cunt. Harder she begged and he obliged. His ball slapping her ass as he thrust in and out of her at a frenzied pace. His hand toying with her clitoris as he tries to bring them both to orgasm. "Don't cum until I ask you to", he ordered. He kept on thrusting, bending her knees to her shoulders in order to deepen the angle. Realizing he was close, he strummed her clit like a guitar and told her to come. She came screaming, her climax triggering his own




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