byFasusi Ayobami

Testimony Time



I was relaxing in my hostel one cool evening when the spirit of restlessness ministered unto me;


'Arise young lady, visit thy friend at Iworoko area to see if she's faring well' it whispered.

I jumped on my feet pronto and embarked on the unplanned visitation.


I couldn't call her because my phone was switched off but I was confident the she would be home.

I arrived at her hostel with aching feet and I was paralyzed with the news of her absence.

I collapsed on a chair and decided to relax for 30 mins before leaving.


Her neighbor offered to accommodate me for a while but I politely turned him down.


Who send him message?

Few minutes later, there was a siren wailing at a distance.

Like a war movie, I saw people scampering for safety, there was an indigene clash going on and I needed to hide my head.


' Hey!!! Bros!!! Open the door! Bros!' I screamed, banging his door.


I rushed in and hid in his room till the pandemonium was over.


The room I rejected became the chief cornerstone of protection.


I left the hostel very late and my friend's neighbor walked me home.


It was later that night that i was informed that my mgbeke friend went to her home town and will return the next morning.


You see my life outside?


To visit friends no dey hungry me since that day.


God bless that hospitable brother who did not leave me at the mercies of the street fighters.




Sitting at the balcony this late hour and reminiscing on these events makes me LOL.

I have met a handful of guys who have been awesome to me.

This is me counting my blessings and saying thank you to all including the ones too numerous to mention.

*Sips beer*


*Rubs Tummy proudly*





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