bySidiqat Olalere-Abdulkareem

Our Job as New Generation of Parents

The new generation of parents need to do better with their children. Our parents and forefathers reared boys and girls to be different. Being different worked for the people in the past, but the way the new world we live in is evolving, being different might not work for the new generation and it may end up affecting them.


Being different in this context mean assigning roles for the male and the female genders. The world has really changed and so does gender roles. Mothers are regarded as home makers, and as such, they’re mostly responsible for assigning gender roles to their children. A girl child is asked to stay and watch the mother cook in the kitchen while a boy child plays outside or watch the television. In the same vein, boys are told to wash daddy’s car and help fix something in the house. Which means, boys are trained to be handy, and girls trained to cook and clean the house. These can have an effect in the long run. Imagine having a flat tire on a lonely highway, but because you’re a woman, you find yourself stranded because you weren’t trained in that area when you were younger.


Many young ladies expect men to foot their bills and this is more reason why many of them gets taken for granted. Many men can also not make simple meals to save their lives, hence, they always end up eating at restaurants or roadside food vendors. Learning to cook or change car tires are just life survival skills, they don’t have to be specific to a particular gender. And learning to pay one’s bills is one of the ways of maintaining one’s dignity, there should be no big deal.


The way our world is going, if the new generation of parents don’t teach their children to learn some of the above-mentioned skills, life may be difficult for such kids when they grow up. It’s no news that our children’s era will be very much different from ours, same way ours was very different from our parents.



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