byFasusi Ayobami

Exceptional Women

There are exceptional women:


Who do not use their body as a tool of seduction or negotiation.

Who are mentally gallant and in control of life threatening situations.


Who are not intimidated in a male dominated industry.

Who Excel in business, walk the runway and are grandmasters of artistry.


Who are slay queens ruling empires and dominating kingdoms.

Women, whose words are laced with insight and great wisdom.


Who are genuine lovers, deep thinkers, brave fighters.

Their ink bleeds non-stop, they are great writers.


Whose smile stills every rage and calms every storm.

Whose embrace dissipate fear and emits warmth.


Women, who are the light of the world and salt of the earth.

They are the great multipliers and agents of birth.


Women, who prayerfully walk the path where others fear to tread.

They are future oriented, visionaries who always plan ahead.


Who are not afraid of mistakes and growth process.

They do not spend lavishly even when there is excess.


Women with calm ambience of warm tenderness.

Whose heart is a cushion of love and gentleness.


Women who are wonderful mysteries that cannot be solved.

An aura of perfection made from heaven above.


Women who appeal to the soul and soothe the mind.

They are rare, quintessential, one of a kind.


Exceptional women who strengthens the weakness of any man.

They can do the impossible just because, they can.


Women leaders who are not too proud to be led.

Who deserves all the love, attention, money and 'head'.




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