byOgundoyin Adewale

This Faithful Day 



Uche was wondering how he became so obstinate, but he is determined to follow this through. He would act this script without wavering.

At this instant Shola has reached into his pocket for his phone, he would feign calling someone, a police or someone to come arrest this intruder, at least that’s what he told himself. He was just about surfing through his contact list when Uche snatched the phone from his hand, putting it straight into his pocket. “What do you think you are doing? You want to be calling people? I dey ask you question you must answer now, E be like say you no know who dey follow you talk” Uche threatened.

This time though Shola would not put up with this, he would not stand by and a man like himself intimidate him in his own house. He stood up furiously and shoved Uche, demanding for his phone. “Are you mad, why you go come my house con dey ask stupid questions,  on top you con seize my phone, give me my phone now, alaye” was his comeback line. He was doing so well standing up for himself, reiterating his claim assertively until a resounding slap landed on his face.

Paoohh!! The echo filling the room, this time Simi had come out from the kitchen to see what was happening. Pressured to act by the prying eyes Shola attempted returning the favor, he was going to hit Uche with his best punch, but he is not just a match, before he could retaliate Uche had hit him with three consecutive smack. Everywhere went rowdy, Shola was this time point seeing the legendary “stars”. While he struggled for balance, Uche rounded him up and pulled him to the ground, it was like a live wrestling match, Simi would not witness this horror. She ran inside and locked the door frightened. She is scared for her husband, she wasn’t sure what to do. This avenger is seeking blood and would kill my husband she thought, as she picked up her phone to call her friend in the next street. “Iya Seyi call your husband and come to our house now, Uche is about to kill my husband, abeg come quickly before he kill am” She entreated in panic.

Flailing his arms and legs from the ground, struggling to get a hold of any object to hit Uche with or at least get hold of his body, Shola continued in this futility as Uche unrelentingly allotted  measured blows as he so wishes from on top of him. “You dey craze, na only woman you fit fight, man like you now you the do like chicken, mad man, I go kill you today” was Uche’s commentary as the Royal Rumble match continued.

Shola was almost losing it when the onrushing neighbor came in to his rescue. They pushed Uche from on top of him and helped him to his feet, both men gasping for breath. Shola dashed inside his room and almost immediately came out heading straight to the exit door, one place on his mind- the police station.



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