byOgundoyin Adewale

Fraudsters in Church  

One plays the drums

The other plays the guitar

Strings of secret sins

Notes of unrighteousness

Sounds of immorality

They ushered us into the ambiance of I am


Perhaps they are ignorant of the influence they wield

Yet, we worshipped

We indeed lifted up holy hands

Oh, yes we danced and shouted

Even made shouts of joy and victory

But our incense were foul smelling


Impure Worship

All we knew was that we sang

We never knew they were not accepted

All we heard were melodious voices

We never knew they disguised the unsaved souls inside

Wow, he played the keyboard so well

But all we saw were his skills

We never knew they were scornful to the ONE to whom it was purposed

Skills but no life impact


No out pouring of the life and spirit of the MAKER

Instead, the Truth and Life of Yahweh dwindles

From the songs to the pulpit

Now all we feel in the Sanctuary is an aura of excitement deficient of substance

All we feel now are powerless routines


Did HE not say HE is spirit?

And we must worship HIM in spirit and in truth?

Hmmm, how we kept going astray

Grace abounds, yes

But, Shall we continue in sin and blunder and expect grace to abound?




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