byFasusi Ayobami

Pain and Gains



Ifeoma was in pains.


Her arms were spread against the wall to support her squatting position.


Her body was covered in sweat, her eyes were shut.


'Push Ify!! Pussh' her mum echoed.


'Aaaaargh, aaaaaarrgh'     she let out a soul wrenching scream.


'I'm in pains mama, help me' she lamented in tears.


'Keep pushing my child, you will be delivered soon' mama Ify encouraged her daughter.


 God!!! Why me??? Whhhy?? She wailed.


'Don’t give up now, puuuuush, puuuush harder' she urged Ify.


Ifeoma screamed her heart out, after 10 minutes of labour and pain, she was delivered.


A wave of sweet relief swept across her body.


'Thank God' she mouthed.



'I have warned you to drink enough water when eating! The next time strong shit hol’ you, I no go follow you come toilet again' her mother announced with a long hiss and walked away.


' T Thaaank you mama , I don hear' she replied, breathing heavily as she trudged towards her room, legs wide apart.

A bowl of fufu and egusi awaited her.



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