byIbukun Jacob


God so fashioned us and give us this mostly delicate tissue not for a facade but for a reason.


Have you ever been in a situation where all your expectations were not met, and you think it is not time to quit with a gentle smile. I say it affects your entire being and strengthens your weakling cells.


Most assuredly, we can't imagine what this smile can do; for it sustains, comforts and provide a platform to hope again.


That you travail and smile is a sign of courage in despair.


That you failed and smile is a symbol of great chance for success.


That you fall and smile is a mockery thought of the ground that slipped you.


My question to you…


Can you smile? It is a question of hope, courage and confidence.


Do you believe even in your darkest hour you will still shine?


Do you know even while you are down you can rise again?


Do you know even if the you in your dream is not the you, you are seeing. You can create you?


I ask again, if you have those adorable cheeks can you smile?



Why not give yourself a reason to hope


Give yourself confidence!


Create the ‘you’, you want to see


Can you smile?


Give yourself a life, smile.





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