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I don’t know what to call this and I don’t think it worthy of being called a rant. Kindly give it a title after reading it.


Two days ago, I was privileged to participate at the election sensitisation organised by the National Orientation Agency, Ekiti State Directorate. The sensitisation was to bring to the door step of everyone, how to ensure that their precious vote is not “a waste”. The sensitisation which was carried out around the country simultaneously, by state directorates of NOA, will be in 3 stages. The first, which I supported with Live Reportage on social media, was centred on “Void Votes”.


The commendable event was well attended by members of the society and representatives of all federal agencies that will be directly (and indirectly) involved in the forthcoming election.


As usual, it was another avenue for our politicians to show their level of acceptance with their people. This is not one of the objectives of the organiser but trust Nigerian politician to always find a way to hug the limelight. They packed their supporters with their branded materials to the venue.

While this is not a problem, I am only worried that these people, Nigerians, are the problem with the country.


The well attended event dragged for a while because the organisers wanted to ensure that the agency responsible for conducting election in the country have enough time to engage with the audience. Being their ‘season’, they came late to the event for 2 reasons – the agency was signing a peace path with the leadership of NURTW and the REC doesn’t intend to disrespect the audience by sending a junior officer of the agency. That is how much he valued the people he is working for; they must always get the best.


Everyone in the know commended the sensitisation except for the people that needed the information the most. The supporters of the various politicians were seen grumbling from time to time about how they know all that must be known about electioneering.

They laid claim to superior knowledge of what to do or not and they felt the sensitisation was a waste of their time. The politicians they came to represent (candidates in the forthcoming election) are not aware of how unruly their representatives were and how much knowledge they failed to “grab”.


I was amazed when I took a look at the register and I saw that the errors in it were from our all-knowing supporters. They couldn’t fill a register that asked for their names, organisation and phone numbers correctly, yet they boasted that they know all that has to be known about voting.


They wanted this awareness campaign to end as soon as possible so they can return to their important businesses. I was worried that those that need this information the most are thinking they know it all. By status, they might be on the lowest rung of the society ladder, yet they believe that the vital information shared with them was needless.


I then began to wonder how we intend to build this country with a large number of people that are averse to learning what is important to their survival.


As for me, I learned a new way to fold the ballot paper such that your precious vote won’t be voided. A truck load of information was disseminated at this event and Oba Rufus Adejugbe, the Ewi of Ado shared this sentiment when he gave his royal speech. Oh yea! You wondered too…the Kabiyesi didn’t complain about time, he waited patiently to learn from everyone who shared tips at the event.


What title did (will) you give it?



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