bySidiqat Olalere-Abdulkareem

We Are Doomed

Two weeks ago, while I was waiting at the traffic light, a pedestrian jaywalked (cross or walk in the street or road unlawfully or without regard for approaching traffic), and unfortunately for him, a car hit him. This was right in front of my car and I was terribly shaken up. Anyway, this guy got up and was ready to leave the scene but was attended to by people and the ambulance was called. The scene was in a standstill for a couple of minutes. If this were to happen in my country Nigeria, since the victim got up himself, the most that would have been done for him is to apply Chinese balm (Aboniki, Robb). Who hospital epp abi?


This takes me back to a Facebook post about a young man that died due to the injuries he sustained during an accident. It should be noted that that man died due to the failed system in Nigeria and his blood is on every single person that has contributed in one way or the other. Imagine the excuses given? The doctors at the government hospital where he could be properly taken care of were on strike and the hospital that can stabilize him need money before beginning their treatment. What kind of a country is this damn Nigeria? He should not have died. He could have lived if he had gotten a standard medical care. Yusuf Buhari survived a ghastly motorcycle accident because he got a top-notch medical care.


This should serve as a lesson to every single person that is eligible to vote. If you refuse to vote in 2019, situations like this will continue to repeat itself and victims’ blood will be on you too. When are Nigerians ever going to smile? O sunmi. The guy's death pained me to my marrow.


But when we say vote, who are we really voting for? Buhari? Atiku? Same set of people that are a large contributor to where we are today? We are doomed as a nation.



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