byDowole Gold

THE 5TH LAW OF KARMA-The Law of Responsibility 



"We are responsible for what happens in our lives."


The law states “whenever there is something wrong in my life, there is something wrong within me.


Everything you do must first be processed within. From your thinking, feelings, it all starts from within.


Whenever you realise something is wrong somewhere with you, check within you first, when you're able to solve it within, it will reflect outside.


It makes you responsible for your life, no one knows you better, no one can control your life without your permission.



What and who surrounds you is very important, they are pointer to what and who you will become. Who the people in your inner and outside circle? What do you see and meditate on daily?


Settle your state of peace within and create the right solutions to solve every issue you tend to have. When you settle that, depression won't set in.


Create everything you want within then take a step to bring it into reality.


It is highly you took responsibility for your own race in this lifetime. This is the actual time “to go within” and see your own journey clearly by yourself.


Everyone has their own responsibility; no one can help you with your inner thoughts if you don't.


Always remember, whenever something is wrong with you, check within first.



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