bySidiqat Olalere-Abdulkareem


What started off as a regular tweet ended up being something that became a daily routine for me. I’m a procrastinator and it’s not a lie that I didn’t believe I could actually do 30 days of writing. As in, having to come up with some sort of writing every single day for a month.


When the initiator tweeted asking who would like to participate in a #30DaysWritingChallenge, I absentmindedly replied, I took it as a joke. But when he slid into my DM to talk to me about it, I told myself why not. And here we are, day 30 of the challenge.


My blog was started in 2014 through the encouragements of two of my friends who are bloggers too, Àgbèloba and Abiyamo. But the more I got busier with academic work, the more I abandoned blogging. Now the entire website is full of weeds (ads) and it can hardly be navigated easily. Even though I have been encouraged by a couple of my teachers to make sure I don’t stop blogging, stating that it’ll help with my career, this challenge has encouraged me more.


Joining the challenge came at the right time because it was only a few days after I defended my thesis, making my graduation official. I thought I would catch a break from years of writing academic essays and papers, but I was wrong. The only difference was that I get to write on what I felt like and not what was assigned by an instructor. I’m glad that I have an archive of almost 30 articles to jumpstart my blog, and this for me, is a big win. Also, the challenge made me realize that I can do whatever I put my mind to. Now the plan is to give my website a new and better face and write at least one article a week.



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