byAbimbola Abe

I weep!

As I write this, I cry!

I cry for the generation to come.

I cry for the lost ones.

I cry because it isn't safe to love anymore.

I cry for those who had loved wrong.

I cry for those ladies who were innocent but have been tagged "olosho" because they fell for the wrong guy.


Who is there to trust anymore?!

Yes, some ladies had covetously entered this shit.

Yes, they might have been money minded, but do they deserve to die??

What about the innocent ladies?

What about innocent ones, the ones who get picked up while going for early morning lecture?

The ones who got into the relationship because they fell for the wrong guy?

The ones who really trust and believes the love of their life isn't like that?


I cry because this situation is getting worse, people are no longer blaming the ritualists, all the blame lies on the victim.


Yes, the blame has been shifted.

"She must have gone to the club"

"She must have dated a big politician"

"She must have dated a yahoo guy"

"She must have kept the wrong company"



What about that lady that took time before giving that guy a chance, studied him for months while falling in love along the way, giving him her whole trust? 


Months later - maybe even years before she gets used. And you place the blame on her??

"Don't date the rich guys whose source of wealth and income you don't know"

Date the broke guys and they still end up using you to get rich

What's the point of being in a relationship when you are will always be on a lookout, expecting the worst?

Who's there to trust?

Please don't give me the sermon about the existence of the "good guys"

These ritualists are everywhere, even in churches!

It's not written on the face.

Some of these guys act responsible and caring on the outside

What about panties that get stolen?

Were they flirting around?

Or is it now a crime to sun dry panties?

I cry because this act has been turned into comedy skits that everyone laughs about.

It's the trending gist, the latest joke.


Excuse me jokers, It's not funny anymore!


Most people are not even condemning the act


It's always the ladies fault


She's the promiscuous one.


What about the ruthless people engaged in such acts?


What are the actions being taken?


How is the government getting involved in all this??


Has any of the perpetrators been brought to justice??


Before you judge the next victim you see or hear about, remember, not every lady got decapitated because of promiscuity.

Some were just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

No one deserves to die a crude death.

With the way things are going, it can happen to a mother, sister, niece, cousin, neighbor that you know of.





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