byAbe Abimbola

#30DaysWritingChallenge: My Experience

I started this writing challenge with a mindset of challenging myself and ability. I never thought myself as a writer, not until now. I've always loved reading, ranging from motivational books to novels. Name any genre, I read it all.  And I've always been amazed at how good these people are. Except from a novel I tried writing when I was in primary school which turned out bad and incomplete. The more I read, the more I thought I wasn't meant to be a writer. These people are good and I shouldn’t even try competing with them.

I've always thought, they were born a writer

It's impressive how my mentality has changed now. I might not win this #30DaysWritingChallenge but the lessons and experience will never be forgotten. Now I believe I can be whoever I want to be as long as I put in enough effort. Truly, "Talent is never enough", having skills and not honing it will never give desired result

This #30DaysWritingChallenge has been life changing for me

I have learnt so much.

And I'm still learning

I've made networks with other expert writers

I've made friends

Friends who give detailed answers to my questions and are ready to help me improve.

Sharing resources that matters and are genuinely interested in my growth

I found a mentor; someone who keeps me motivated and charged.

Someone I am accountable to.

My writings are not perfect.

I'm not sure I want it to be.

Imperfect writings mean continuous learning.

I'll never stop writing, I'll never stop learning

I am not going to stop writing expressively, not minding how the world sees me


I also have plans of having fun through the process

Even after skipping some few days--maybe not so few

Buy I never believed I would get this far, but here I am.

I have learnt to write at my pace

I have learnt to cheer myself up for every article and story I submit

Being in a challenge with better writers than I am has pushed me to go beyond my limits.

Though at first, I used the winning packages I should get to threaten myself but as time slowly passed by, I know I should write because I have a message to pass rather than to get gifts and all. I remember when everyone was introducing themselves on the group and I checked the link to their blogs, I felt intimidated. Chei! I can't even last two days here, I had thought within myself. But here I am, the ink of my pen ever dripping-- whatever this means, lol. Even competing with better writers than myself has pushed me to do more, research more and improve more. I'll forever appreciate the mind behind this wonderful idea. When I get nominated for bestselling author, I'll remember you and how you pushed me out of my comfort zone.


I'm not an expert in writing yet.

I don't believe anyone is an expert writer.

We all need to keep learning and improving our skills.

I want to explore and spend more time with my newly found "love and passion" .

I just want to keep "writing naked".



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