byFasusi Ayobami Folakemi

Left Hanging

Dayo was every lady's dream on campus.

Ebony, baritone voice, tall, well-trimmed beards.

He had a special kind of gait when he walked, more like a cat.

He is so fine and he knows it.

Beauty and brains...He was a big fish!


I was sitting under the faculty pavilion when he sat beside me unannounced.

I had to blink my eyes again and again to be sure I wasn't hallucinating.

I suddenly became deaf, his lips were moving but I couldn't comprehend a sound.

I was overwhelmed with surprise, I was drooling, literally.

I mean, what was fabulous Dayo doing with a plain Jane like me??


'Jane!!!' he called me firmly, jolting me from my state of reverie.


'Hi' I replied almost breathlessly...


The rest, they say became history with biology and chemistry as a side attraction.

I fell in love and fell out of sense.

My home training was gone with the wind.

I specially selected matching underwear on my first visit to his cozy room.


With noodles and egg in my belly and the AC stimulating my hormones, I was giggling foolishly.

I couldn't look him in the eye, I heard the sweetest words from his succulent lips.

Phew, I could feel the chemistry, the bond, the strong force pulling me to him.

Few minutes later, the biology practical began, it lasted few seconds.


At the peak of ecstasy, he came and left me hanging.

It was a Friday evening.



I was in the lecture hall writing an impromptu test when I felt a surge within me.

I rushed out of the hall and emptied the contents of the stomach.

I fell pregnant.

I was in a state of confusion and disappointment.

The scale fell off my eyes.

'What was I thinking?'

'What happened to the values I held so dear?'

'Why did I get involved with a play boy in the first place?'

'I'm such a fool!'

I thought endlessly

I had to bail myself out of this mess.


I was wheeled into the theatre.

Dayo refused to show up.


I went under the knife…alone.

He left me hanging....again.


I kept dripping...blood...more blood.

The world was closing in on me.

My mouth was filled with gall.

My soul became heavy.

My eyes never ran out of tears.

No one came to my rescue.

I lost it.


It was a Sunday evening.

I left the rope hanging.

The rope left my body hanging.

Dayo never showed up.

He left me hanging...till eternity.




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