byOlabode Abidakun

The Web of Racism- Favouritism - Tribalism- Nepotism!

It is embedded in the brain, we are slaves to them. Unfortunately, we all have these traits, one way or the other!

We complain bitterly that the whites attack us with racial chants. But have you thought of Blacks who abuse whites racially? What about the deficient color beings? If Blacks can segregate amongst themselves, why then should we hurl hateful speech at the whites for their racist remark(s)? Yes the whites attack the blacks via monkey chants and throw banana peels at them. We have not even kept our home in order, so how do we earn respect from people of all sorts? We are the harbinger of our doom!

A cobbler's kid is denied a good job in the banking sector because he is not well connected as they brand it, while my brother of a brat who isn't even competent enough lands the job on a silver platter. You want to know how and why? I don't care about competency; after all I can pull strings for my bloodline! So can we call that Nepotism?

This Ijaw lady is virtuous and elegant, but your Yoruba parents want you to marry Atinuke because you are of the same clan. Everybody forgot how spoilt and saucy 'Tinu is, but then, who cares? Same tribe supersedes other tribes! Evidently, this is a vivid show of Tribalism.

A lady who can feed my lustful desires are few and I just met one! She is job hunting, pretty but not employable. Another job seeker, a man, is industrious and hungry to work tirelessly. Who cares about growing the firm at the moment when I can quench my insatiable fantasy? Favouritism at its mention!

These issues are never ending, it is what we experience in our daily routine. The color deficient are viciously attacked in Tanzania and massacred, why? They are seen as forbidden. The southern part of Africa sprang up a controversial attack via the Xenophobia theme where blacks maimed blacks. How pitiful that was, still is. We know how most European countries can be harsh and brutal to blacks, but we should tidy our compound before discussing the houses across the street.

Maybe some things never change.





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