byEmmanuel Ogunmona

Stained Glass 

I wasn't naive

My only mistake was to trust a friend

Worse, it was to ever have one on whom to depend.

The mask so fit him well, combined with his scent.

One would be convince there are still saints.


He never suggested rough play

He would fast forward the foreplay while he nursed a demon out of display.

His words were soft, his speech were enlightening,

Lightening every dark matter, and breaking every mountain that proves mighty.

It calms the storm in me every time.


Everything was going fine

And we were just having a nice time

Until his look became intense, and words went scanty.

He gently stroked my hair and drew near to kiss me.

I pushed him away and demanded for an explanation.

I guess he wasn't ready to explain anything judging by his actions.


Leaving wasn't an option anymore as he already locked the door,

Yanked me by the hair and pinned me to the floor

I tried to reason with him, but he didn't come with his mind.

I tried to stop him. But he kept yelling "You wanted this"


Terrified to death. He acted as though he was possessed.

A part of him I never saw before - so obsessed.

I swore never to tell anyone.

Take anything but not my virginity.

It's a shame I can't bear till eternity.

He tore me. Used me. Broke me.

And then said "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me"


How I got home is still muddy

Though clothed, I felt exposed to everybody

Into the far corner of my room, I crawled

I flooded my pillow with ever flowing tears, demoralized

You know the worst thing about betrayal?

It never comes from your enemy, dear.


He stabbed my soul and left me to decay

I tried to shut my mind but the memories wouldn't go away

The door and windows of my room, I shut tightly

Not a ray of light would I allow to pass faintly

For it revealed my horror and shame

In that darkness, I took all the blame


Walking in the streets wasn’t that easy

I talked to myself as if I was crazy

I heard unspoken words

I saw unseen gestures

Every whisper, laughter, or chit chats

Were pointing at my despair

The torment was just too much to bear


In the river of the damned, I bathed my naked soul

The very remains of what he stole

The memories of joy and laughter vanished from the show

And the thoughts of grey hair vacated my mind for Seoul


I dined with Death in the morning

And hung myself in the evening

For I didn’t want to stand a chance

Shortly after, everything went blank like I was in a trance

A bright light shone straight into my eyes

Everything around me was painted white


I saw angels without wings in display

Some, walking around and others were saying “hey!”

My vision became clearer, and I realize it was a hospital

And the doctor’s words came softly,

“We have more to benefit from your life than your death”









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