byOlabode Abidakun

Ogbonge brain! 

Ogbonge brain!

As God take sama us with coret brain

Na hin we take dey rule awa contri people, wey we take dey reign!

D brain wey dey remember lepa gau, na hin dey remember yahooze!

E no matter as e tey reach, our brain go rememba anytin wey don cos us gbege!

E go be like sontin wey happen yesterday,

Who no sabi say yansh don dey back no be today?


D brain wey dey suspect na hin dey catch suspect!

Brain wey no act, no go react!

If brain scatter, na kpeme come online!

Wetin u wan compia with brain?

Brain wey go tackle mata give you rest of mind

Na d same brain go kpain if love don run u mad!


As awa fada wey tanda for up elep give us ogbonge brain,

The rest na to use an well,

Use an get money, use an arrange body, use an elep boys for street!

Na everybody get brain, but no be all coret

Some enter dormant before e even start work!

If brain enter dormant,

Rest na to format!


Brain wey igbo man get, wey make an sabi bizness wella

Na hin yoroba geh get wey make am sabi book die

Hausa man con top am with hard work on a selense level!

If you fall for yamayama, na ur brain go tell you say yamayama don stain body.

If you smell potopoto, straight away, na to vamoose d area!




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