byOgundoyin Adewale

A Day I Will Never Forget 

So this faithful morning or should I say unfaithful, I have just had breakfast from the kitchen, we had rice and stew with overly fried fish. I didn’t eat much, the taste of the food didn’t incite any excitement to dig further, so I headed back to the classroom. It was a normal day in class, teacher comes in, teaches and asks questions; then the bells ringing, teacher goes out for another one to come in.

The routine was going on smoothly until I started having dyspepsia and a gaseous stomach at the same time. Oh my God! Not this morning now, I soliloquized in utter discomfort. I had lost every modicum of attention for anything the teacher has to say, at this moment I was struggling really hard to hold up tight, it was like the case of the molten magma brewing ferociously ready to erupt. Which one is this stomach volcano this morning? I was at this state of unease when a tiny proportion of the gas erupting inside of me popped out, poooooh!!! It sounded.

“Temi ba mi, which kind of embarrassment is this?” I scowled inside whilst keeping a straight face, everyone looked back but surprisingly not to me, but the other Yemi who was just behind me to the left. ‘It is the chair’ he said, in what seemed like a guilty as charged tone, no one believed him, hmmm Yemi everyone echoed. That is what you get for being the naughty dude in class, you get persecuted for what you didn’t do and I guess that is what I get for being reserved, the likelihood of being labelled a “gas dispenser” is very slim.

I felt a temporary relieve, first from the ensuing awkwardness and secondly, surprisingly from the sheer discomfort I have being feeling. How I appreciated the blessing of ease? Moments like this makes you realize that “the normal”, “the habitual”, “the natural” things are worth giving thanks for, they should be appreciated, because though familiar, they are huge blessings, luxuries to cherish.

I was basking in this relative turn around, when the tide started changing again, the upset started brewing up again. This time around the reversal effect was extreme, I was literarily squeezing my orifice super tight to prevent fouling up the whole place. It was really bad, my consciousness went numb, it was like a total black out. You know those movie scenes where a bomb blast just happen and the survivors who were really close scene suddenly regained consciousness and are grappling to stay up? Every seem black out or the scenario where there has been a very fatal accident and one of the victim is being rushed through the hospital corridors on a stretcher, they hardly ear a thing the doctor and nurses are saying, the florescent light seem so dim and appears in quadruplets, that was how I was feeling, it was a life and death situation. This is appearing to be a black Friday, an embarrassingly shitty, moist brownish black Friday.

How doI survive this distress this Friday morning, I kept on muttering as I kept holding up, really tight.


To be continued…



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