byOgundoyin Adewale

This Faithful Day

At the police station, both men were questioned. Simi was called to be a witness to both men’s account.

Uche was reprimanded for the intrusion. He just should not have gone that far, he shouldn’t have channeled his annoyance in the way he did. He probably didn’t plan on going the extra mile, but you know how one thing leads to another and “shit just happened”. He definitely will stay rational and level headed next time.

Shola, the plaintiff however in no time became the culprit. He had to answer to the case of incessant emotional and physical abuse on his wife. Coupled with the fact that he had become an old hand at the station, people have reported him severally on varying count charges.

Shola has been a subtle con artist, his small stature and docile looks disguise his fraudulent tendencies. He has made deals with people and absconded with the returns. Regardless of your sex, age or status if you dilate your guard, Shola will diligently take full advantage. He is a reserved fraudster.

Just a week ago, he was arrested by the police on the charge of defaulting the complete payment of his house rent. How he succeeded to convince the agent to pay just 30,000 nairas out of 150,000 is a marvel to all, the agent being a no-nonsense man. He had enough postponement so he decided to use the option of enforcing the law, it was an embarrassing scene on the day of his arrest.

The police too have had enough, Mr. man, are you the only one in this street? Every time there is a case about you, if you are not duping people, you’re defaulting house rent, if you don’t do that you turn to a wife beater, see we have had enough already, haha” was the expression of discontent from the officers on duty. So they decided to lock him up, to serve as an expression of their displeasure, without necessarily following due process. Serves him right I guess

So was the tale of Shola, this faithful day, from abusing his wife to getting beaten up, from reporting a case to getting locked up. I think it is such a sweet irony, serves him right I believe.

No real man should raise his hands to beat a woman, it is an attribute of a coward and an insecure man.



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