It was late in the night and the harmattan has descended on the dark city as usual. It is that time of the year when nothing can shield you from the extreme cold of this town. It is the type of cold that makes you give your soul to Esu for warmth from his firedom.

Arifalo had just returned from work and he was removing his cloth when he heard the door creaked. He was shocked and didn’t know to respond. He must make a vital decision in this split second. Does he run for cover or should he just scream so the person by the door can tarry a bit? But how could anyone open the door without knocking or even saying his/her name? ‘How did I even forget to lock the door?’ he quizzed. “Ha, people no longer show courtesy around here’, he thought to himself.

All these thoughts came to him at the speed of light just before the door was widely opened.

Owning his shame with some courage, he raised his head to confirm who barged into his house and he was lost for words. ‘What could Aduke be doing here at this time’? He muttered under his breath.

Aduke was carried away by the sight. She didn’t expect to see Arifalo in this state. ‘No wonder this man doesn’t go around with shorts in this compound’, she pondered. ‘But could this be the real state of his manhood? Did he keep the rest somewhere’?

Good evening, Aduke, he said whilst grasping his voice from the wind that stole it from it from him. And she jolted back to reality with the sound of the greeting.

‘Ermmm, I’m sorry to enter without knocking, it was a mistake’ she said as she continues to stare at Arifalo’s prick. ‘I just need someone to help me set up my new phone and you are the only one I could think of’.

Though a computer programmer, Arifalo wonders why Aduke thinks setting up a phone is part of his job description. Too ashamed to go in and get his brief, he motioned Aduke to come close and bring the phone.

As she walks towards him, she fantasised about how a small prick would fit into her honeypot. After all, it has always been hosting monstrous ones that give her more pain than satisfaction. As she stretched her hand to give Arifalo the phone, Disco struck as it is their tradition and everywhere was dark.

Before Arifalo could say jack, he felt a cold touch on his prick and the only thing he could do was scream like it was a dog bite. ‘Why that noise?’ Aduke asked…

While trying to respond, Arifalo heard a loud thud on his door and as he turned to look up, he woke up from his sleep. He checked his time to see that closing hour is still  four hours away.



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