byFasusi Ayobami



Ever since you stepped into our humble village, my heart has found a new rhythm.

The grasses are greener and the stream overflows its banks.

You are a ray of sunshine on a stormy day.

You are the envy of the village men, those ugly ones!

My eyes trail all your movements.

You are my Calvary and my Achilles's heel.

You occupy every of my thoughts.

Adekunle, I see you but you have refused to see me.



Didn't you notice my new waist beads?

 I got them because of you!

I giggle so you can hear the sound of my laughter but you are not paying attention.

Your favourite spots are my new hangouts.

I fetch water at the stream every morning so I can watch you swim.

The village maidens drool over your delicious body, those smelly nitwits!!

You are mine Adekunle! Mine alone!!!

Adekunle, See me now!!!


You have refused to see me but you are friends with Aduke? That witch!

She has nothing to offer you.

Her breasts are sagged and she cannot pound yam!!

Just look at!

I've got ample bosoms, tender skin.

Do you think they call me 'ibadi aran' for no reason?

But you have refused to see me.

My heart aches,

My body yearns for you,

I can't sleep at night,

I want to feel your hairy chest,

I want to run long fingers through your hair,

Let me lick your face and nibble at your ear,

I want to drown in the pool of your eyes,

I want to be lost in your arms.



My love,

Please see me,

Make me your Simi,

So that my soul can have isinmi…




If you refuse to see me,

Then I'll see you,

In hell.



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