Diosa...letter to my goddess

Dear goddess,


Again, I slowed down and I know you are worried about. Or not. It seems like I am no longer the guy you met; doesn’t look I am committed to whatever I do as I used to be.

But guess what, I am still that committed guy; just changed what I am focusing on.

I have learnt the hard way that whatever love I profess for you will be meaningless if I can’t hold my own in this competitive world.


Need I tell you that you didn’t even help matters in the early days? You compared me to so many people; wanted me to like your exes or just like that guy you look up to in your hood.


I know you wanted the best but you didn’t communicate correctly. It did hurt me. I bet you didn’t know that whatever you say is as important as you say. Right?

Every day, I want to forgive you and be better. I want to make you smile and happy. I want you to be the best that you ever wanted to be.


But I am worried, how much do you want same for me? Do you really think 1 has to be added to 4 before we get 5?


There are many ways to kill a mosquito, apparently.


Sorry I made this about me but in reality, it is about you.


I want you but you need to do it differently.


Shall we?



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