byOlabode Abidakun


Oh! Her troubled soul, with shattered edges cofounding its whole! 

While nature's morbid thorns sting 

Dulling her senses like an incessant ring

Yes! Pangs of distress resides in her hound

And with these, woes and foes joyfully abound! 

She welcomes them with a sinister gloat

As her mind runs wild like a lost sinking boat.


She seeks comfort in her gnashing teeth 

Watching her quickly descend into a gravely pit

In a world funny and in such loveless form

She feels the jolts as hot as brimstone bum!

Aye! Pangs of distress resides in her hood

Raining curses and foretelling doom

From the enemies of luxury! 

Slapped with the tussle of agony


Battered by the glory of those fortunate with the filthy paper

Dragged down by the hustle of highly spirited, hungry and determined youths.

What hope lies in her government? 

What faith comes from a fallen scrapper?

Stuck in the muck with oversized, heavy-to-carry boots!

No hope, no light at the end of the tunnel! 

Pang and clang and tang!

Unending responsibilities draining her flesh

Leaving little or none for the bank.


Right under her nose, her future bleeps in a flash!

Alas! Pangs of distress reside in her hood.

She awaits him, who will make the distress call? 

To bring to halt the great fall!

And save her from the distress of the century!



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