byKayode Bamigboye


Dear Ekiti PDP, permit me to go straight to the reason I decided to pen down this open letter.

In these last few months, I have watched this great party crumble slowly under it's rudderless leadership. Our elders say sleep and indolence are not cousins of a good harvest’. Indeed!

Since the party’s loss in the last gubernatorial election was upheld by the three courts, PDP has gradually turned into a shadow of its former self. When I look at the past; barely a year ago, I conclude that this is not what an opposition party should look like.

The present government started off by trying to taint PDP's image and upturning the reforms of the former Governor, Ayo Fayose. The party leaders sat by watching the APC machinery drag the party's image to the mud. Let me remind you that as far as Ekiti is concerned right now, PDP is the major opposition and its responsibility is to put this administration on their toes, the same way they did within 2015 - 2018.

Recall the FUOYE’s incident a few weeks ago and how the security detail of the governor’s wife killed two innocent, young and promising boys and leaving several others injured. PDP was not in the picture to hold them accountable. It is solely the party's duty in this time of impunity, and seeming anarchy to stand up and defend the interest and rights of the common people of Ekiti State.

PDP has continually exhibited this negligence towards demanding for accountability so much that a year has passed since it left power, and even though it is glaring to all that no single physical project has been completed by this present administration. The major opposition has said and done absolutely nothing about it, leaving this recklessness and impunity to pile to high heavens. Even when the governor spoke about building an Airport in the state, no opposition was there to remind him about how he condemned it during PDP’s administration.

However, the time is now right for the party leadership to wake up from their slumber and return the party  to where it truly belongs. Juggernauts like the ex-governor, Ayo Peter Fayose and former Senator Abiodun Olujimi should offer quality leadership and help the party put the APC led administration on its toes.

I am forever grateful to God though that our people can now see with their very own eyes that they were bought over with a platter of lies, blackmails and cheap propaganda. Our brothers in Oyo State do not have two heads and I believe that a responsible government is not too much to ask for.

 God bless Ekiti State

God bless People's Democratic Party.


Written by Kayode Bamigboye

Current Affairs Analyst.

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