byOlabode Abidakun

Bag of diamonds and stones!

Some nights I got into trouble,

Another period I never knew my blessings would double!

I have picked diamonds, I have dropped diamonds and I have valued diamonds.

Glittering stones in diamond features have camouflaged the foolish me as well.

I've seen the better days of life, seen the worse likewise.

It has thought me not to be foolish, but wise!

Some hours were meant to taste the showings of life.

And while days tormented me facing consequences where all I did was strive.

My life is a bag of diamonds and stones!

I've been involved in a lot of fracas that made me bad and cold.

But I moved on and still moving

I've thought of giving up

I still think of quitting

The self-pressure to succeed on time is hurting

The success story of people around is not letting me rest.

I can't sleep when I see people inferior to me getting superior in a twinkle.

I think and think of innovations every day!

Even the pastures are now colorless

Life has hoodwinked us into reasoning we can make it all with a bed full of petals.

I wasn't born to be bad, maybe I learnt that.

I wasn't birthed as a covetous fine wine lover, probably I acquired that!

Growing up could be fun for some, while it was totally tragic for the others!

What have I not seen?

What have I not done?

What have I not felt?

The pain, torture, love, affluence, harsh environment and lovely memories have all come in a flash!

The first two to three decades of my life clearly thought me I didn't need a lot of things, lot of things breed a lot of stings!

Do you need friends? When you can have acquaintances and just focus on your life!

In the course of the struggle,

Jojoes couldn't survive the pressure of ill-health,

Maybe we will catch up some other time, maybe not! This world will make you win battles and you think you have life to yourself, but remember the Armageddon of all wars is yet to come! Little wars will shake us; shake us to a point where we can't hold on any longer, more of the reason why favour succumbed to the heat of oppression and depression!

I've slept in the cold small filthy cells meant for suspects just because I was suspected for what I need not be suspected for!

In the world of survival, women have  marred the sweetest stories I ever had, it won't stop me lusting over fine wine, it will only put an end to loving has been said that you love with your head and not your heart, heart should pump blood, not love!

We live to become lesson to others,

Just as some have been to us.

We exist to cease!

We work to walk freely!

We believe so we can hold on to our belief!

We have faith so that we can believe our fate!

Our sight will lead us to more insight, if we listen and obey!

The night is disturbing so that a clear morning can surface!

Sometimes it will be luxurious, another period it will be crazy! How we react will sustain us!

If you have had ups and downs, then you had better not think of giving up... You wouldn't think of quitting, you shouldn't reason taking your soul, you must not try to slow down the pedal, because it just got started!



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