The Local Chicken Revolution

Poultry is nearly the most attractive form of agriculture in Nigeria. Many venture into it for subsistence, many others, for it seemingly ease of operations yet the industry has not been able to provide the needed protein for Nigerians.


It's on record that Nigeria and Nigerians consume 1.5 million tons of chicken annually and only 30% of that is produced in Nigeria. When we through percentage into a mix, it doesn't show the enormity of the discussion. What the above statistics mean is that Nigeria loses a little over 600 billion annually to importation and smuggling. This huge gap is one of the many disadvantages of the inability of farmers in Nigeria to reach potential in poultry farming.


At its core, Seedavest Nigeria connects farmers to opportunities and provide training for them in order to bridge identified gaps in the sector. In light of this, we initiated our Local Chicken Revolution - a deliberate effort to raise local chicken in Nigeria to a global standard.


The Nigerian Indigenous Chicken will compete favourably in the poultry market if they are raised with conscious efforts aimed at making profits. Through our LCR, we will be providing training and necessary information for outgrowers interested in raising local chicken. With a steady and easily accessible market, our farmers will have a 31% RoI which will significantly increase their purchasing power and improving their quality of lives. Doing agriculture is beyond tilling the land with us, it's about building a sustainable society for men and women, young and old.


As we prepare to take off this project, our team will be participating at the Thailand’s Maejo University Short-Training Programme in Agriculture with the support of Nigerians in Diaspora (NIDO) Thailand branch for local chicken farmers (and others). Stay connected with us on our Facebook and Twitter (Seedavest on both channels) where we will share this experience with you without barriers.

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