byOgundoyin Adewale

This Faithful Day

"You are just a useless woman, if I knew this, I wouldn't have married you. How you keep on doing the same things I give corrections on never ceases to baffle me. You are good for nothing, you don't dress well, you are not good in bed, even the food you cook, I eat them by the grace of God" Shola growled as he motioned vehemently, unconsciously moving back and forth in the same direction


Simi was sitting at one corner in the kitchen, sobbing heavily, whether it was for the blue black beating the husband had previously dished out or for the derogatory words no one could tell. Whatever it is she has definitely being domestically violated.


Then comes Uche, the nosey neigbour downstairs, he had heard the noise oozing from high up and he would get to the bottom of this. "Why this man dey always beat hin wife like this? Na so he go kill am one day oo, so so wife beater and he call him sef christain dey carry Bible up and down" Uche murmured as he paced over the stairs.


Knock, knock the wooden door sounded... "Who is there, I'm coming" answered Shola who was at this time resting on the Sofa. He drowsily walked to open the door, unaware of Uche’s intention and purpose of visiting, he greeted him with a huge smile "Uche my man" he hailed.


Uche would have none of that, he's here on a mission, very specific purpose, he really wants to know why Shola violates his wife physically and psychologically


To be continued



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