bySidiqat Olalere-Abdulkareem

Women and Financial Independence

Many people believed a woman doesn’t have to work if her husband is financially capable of taking care of the family. But what is confusing is if people have really took their time to weigh the pros and cons of being an absolute full housewife.


There are many pros to being a working wife than full housewife, one of which is financial security. A woman who works have the chance to have her own money, she doesn’t have to wait for her husband to be able to use money. It’s good if a man wants to be the main provider of the family, if that’s his wish, but it’s better if a woman has her own money too. It doesn’t have to be as much as the man’s, but enough to care for her petty needs.


Being financially secured as a woman commands respect. Imagine the husband being broke and the woman as the partner digging her hand in her pocket to help him out. Even if it’s once, the husband will appreciate his wife.


Many families think the woman being a full housewife is solely for the benefits of the children. They want the children to have a full-time caregiver. Many detest the idea of a day care or nanny. But the good thing about the world we live in today is that a woman can work and still see to the daily activities of her home without leaving the confines of the house. It is called working from home. There are many jobs like that today.


It is quite easy, especially in Nigeria, to have one’s own business, once there’s capital to establish it. A man that wants to take absolute financial responsibilities of the home should be capable of getting his wife capital to have her own business. This way, she can go and come back home at her own timing. No pressure whatsoever, she’s her own boss.


Being financially dependent on a man have led many women to stay in an abusive marriage. These women do not know where to start if their partner starts to misbehave, because they’re solely dependent on him. How about sudden financial crisis? Many families are left in financial crisis if things turn sour for the husband. Say he lost his job, business crumbled or even died. But if there’s an alternate source of income, financial burden will be less felt.


To cap the above argument, being a working woman not only make you financially independent, it also helps with the mental state. Engaging in activities outside the home where all that is basically done is cook, clean and care for the “babies” will help improve one’s mental health. Stepping away from the hustle, bustle and stress of caregiving gives an air of independence. You get to breath in fresh air, meet people, and learn new things.




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