byOmolarami Owotomose

The Rules Of Staying Happy III 




Sometimes we have this zeal to run around, execute projects, try out something new and all but we get discouraged to push those things to becoming a reality.

We all have that one friend, Boss, family member or partner who would always talk us down no matter how beautiful the subject matter looks. They would always see a reason why the idea won't fly, why you can't be with that person, why that thing is not good enough for you and so on.

If you are bent on wanting to stay happy, then you have no other choice than to learn how to stay away from these set of people. I am not asking you to become enemies with them but be careful about the information you share with them.

Some of them are jealous, bitter, bad mouthed and won't want you to feel good about too many things and the best way to get to you is to "kill your vibe"

Be responsible enough to make some certain decisions for yourself without necessarily seeking the approval of others. Please I am not asking you not to seek opinion and advice but then, you must have been double sure about "what you really want".

I have had one or two beautiful idea(s) I was dying to execute with so much joy and ecstasy but my energy got drained along the line because the set of people I confided in gave me one million reasons why they were never going to fly and I believed them because I felt they were probably older, more experienced and understood life better than I did.

I still feel bad about not carrying on with those plans because some other people are doing those things and they are doing pretty well with them.

So don't give too much power to people who are committed to robbing you of your happiness either deliberately or ignorantly.

Be sure about yourself and what you want

Be confident

Be ready to take full responsibilities for your mistakes with NO REGRET!!

No one else can make you happier than you choose to be!!




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