byFasusi Ayobami


They say out of sight is out of mind but I tell you that distance has strengthened your love in my heart.

I love you more than I would have done if I were to see you every day.

I remember the beginning- quick hellos, brief handshake and that smile.

Flashes of your face appear in my mind as I try to grasp the tiniest details of our first meeting.

It wasn't 'love at first sight' but rather it was 'love as time went by', I've grown to love you.

I had fears at first.

I had excuses.

I wasn't ready.

I know I pushed you away..

I regretted it at first but now, I'm glad I did because it saved me the cost of making irrevocable mistakes I might have done due to naivety.


Many waters have passed under the bridge.

It washed my feelings for you and brought it back with a massive wave.

In anger, we built walls and demolished them.

But we've always returned to the debris and wondered why we built them in the first place.

We have a special kind of love that I can't explain and I don't wanna.

Let me love you in peace.

Life's too short to start explaining why love is and who we choose to love.

I don't wanna talk about your past flings and escapades, it's called 'past' and it's meant to be your 'last'.

Relax Olamide, I love you and I gat you.

Let me create a beautiful story out of you.

I will compose a Melody out of your voice.

I will break the gate of brass caging your fears.

I will infiltrate your dungeon and roar till your fears scamper away into Oblivion.

I'd be a tigress for you.

I'll crush on everything about you till there's nothing left for your aspiring admirers to feast on.

I will pray your sorrows away.

I will show you the biology of woman anatomy.

I will tease you with my sarcasm till you forget what seriousness is.

I will take you to the peak of ecstasy and bring you back with romance on the low.

I wanna create the best memories of us.


Don't push me away

Don't leave me hanging.

I am here, waiting,

For you.






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