bySidiqat Olalere-Abdulkareem

Nosy Nigerians   

“When are you going to London”, he asked. “I’m going in June. Why do you ask?” I replied. Then he said, “because you need to go and meet your husband and stop dancing alone in the car on Instagram”. Then I knew what he was driving at. He meant I need to go see my husband so we can make a baby and stop doing senrenren on Instagram.


And I thought to myself, “why do people just like to meddle in other people’s business?” And to think that I thought he really cared was why he said those things make me look dumb to myself. I actually made it known to him that my husband is not in London, that I’ll only be visiting London for some other thing. Then I went on to explain why I don’t have a baby yet. After the whole explanation and stuff, all he could say was, oh! I’m sorry about that. I have to go now; I need to catch up with Jumat prayer”. And he never said anything about it again. And then I began to blame myself for explaining to him in the first place. He doesn’t deserve an explanation from me. It’s not like he cares, he’s only nosy.


I was barely one year into marriage when this happened, makes me wonder what people in five, ten years of marriage without children are going through. Womb watchers are always on the prowl once you announce your marriage.


This begs the question of why people poke their big noses into married couples’ life. It seems like in Nigeria, everything is a problem. If you’re single, wahala. You’re married without a child, war. Even if you have a child, they’ll still say you have only one child and needs more. Being nosy is in our DNA.


Stereotypical me thought only women are womb watchers, until this guy confronted me. I’ve actually had two men ask me about childbearing and no woman. This goes to show that men can be Solo Makinde too. The best thing is to ignore these nosy people and just live life. May every person seeking the fruit of the womb be granted their heart desire.




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