byDowole Gold

She's Depressed! He's Depressed! I'm Depressed!

I turned around to imagine how large and big the world is.

I turned around to see how populated the world is.

I turned around to see how many selfish people are in the world.

I turned around to see how many selfless people are in the world.

I bowed down my head to imagine how many really care for one another with an attached interest.


I raised my head up, shook my head in pity seeing many souls dying of depression every day.

Many people sleeping without waking up and we claimed s/he was in good health condition before sleeping....Uhmm! Many people are dying in silence not cause of absence of money nor being rich or poor but absence of LOVE.


Many wear beautiful clothes and look gorgeous, make up/make over hides the depressed face but can't hide the depressed mind. Many can't open up their depressed state to another person seeing how happy others are.


Sadly enough, rich and poor are depressed. Is it the presence of too much money or absence of money? Depression does not know gender, age or position. It remains DEPRESSION!!!


Many become depressed cause they were not treated well!

Many become depressed cause they could not measure up to Society expectations!

Many become depressed cause they don't know what tomorrow holds for them!

Many become depressed cause of the little things we never sensed to be valuable!

Many are depressed because you refused to attend their events!

Many are depressed because you did not eat their meal


Psychotherapists and psychiatrists say depression is a state of mind producing serious, long-term lowering of enjoyment of life or inability to visualize a happy future.


They added "A period of unhappiness or low morale which lasts longer than several weeks and may include ideation of self-inflicted injury or suicide."


Even geographers defined depression as an area of lowered air pressure that generally brings moist weather, sometimes promoting hurricanes and tornadoes


Obviously, hurricanes and tornadoes are disasters to living and non-living things.


Many are lowered in mind.

Souls are on the edge of giving up.

Humans are off track.

Creatures are saying it’s almost over.

Living things are saying what can come out of their existence again?


As short in words "Love" is, it can resuscitate a dead life. It can restore life to a functioning and happy one.

Sometimes, all what your next door step neighbour needs is just a smile of love.

Sometimes, all what your friends, acquaintances needs is just a touch of love, a pat of love.

Sometimes, all what that poor soul need is not money but your words of love.

Sometimes, all what your partner need is a call, SMS showing how much you care!


Social Media has taken the place of phone calls; chats are not enough. Sometimes do call to check on one another. Call sometimes late hours deliberately to assure someone of a better tomorrow.


Visit people to know how far with them; don't wait until they are ill.

Cook delicious meals to give out to one another.

Give out money to one another without asking

Buy gifts to send over to one another.

Attend one another’s event, your presence in birthday party can let go a soul depressed state.

Spend weekends with one another.

Go out without a real cause! Just make someone happy.


Finally, bear one another burden in the place of prayer!


"To live a beautiful life, love without boundaries, share unconditionally, and give without Withholding." _ Goldwealth Foundation

Be deliberate about your existence!


Together we take responsibility to end depression!!!





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